Additional Information

Moth Wing Studio is a walk-in studio.  No appointments or classes necessary. 

There is a $5.00 studio fee required for each person doing a project.

We would be happy to host your next event!

Click on our 'Event Information' tab for more information.

Plan on spending around 2 hours at our studio when you visit! 

If you are unable to finish your project that day you can come back and finish it at no extra charge. 

Both ceramic painting and fused glass projects are fired in our on site kilns. 

Expect 7-10 days for project pick up.  We will call you when your projects are ready. 

We will hold your projects for as long as we possibly can.  Once we run out of storage space we will call you one final time and let you know that you have 30 days to pick up your projects before the project is discarded.  No refunds will be given.   We currently still have projects here from June of 2019 so you have plenty of time to pick them up!

We do have gift cards available for purchase at the studio!

We do not allow alcohol in the studio.