Projects We Offer

Fused Glass


Price Range: $5 and up
Things you can make with glass- 

Different sized dishes, sun catchers, garden stakes, and more!

Never worked with glass before?  Don't worry!  We'll show you what to do! 

Project pick-up: Expect 7 days

Age Requirement: No one under the age of 10 can enter our glass area.

10-12 year old's must be accompanied by an adult!

 Prices do not include $5 studio fee 



Price Range: $5-$25

Pick out a ceramic bisque to paint from our selection of choices!

Once you paint it, we'll put a clear glaze on it and then put it in the kiln for you so it will get all nice and shiny!

Project pick-up: Expect 7 days

Age Requirement: None


Prices do not include $5 studio fee

Spin Art


Price Range: $10-$20

Pick out the size of canvas you want, after that we put it on our pottery wheel and make it spin while you pour paint on it!  After you're done pouring paint on it we spin it extra fast!

Project can be picked up the following day that we are open!

Age Requirement: None

*Must be at least 4ft tall

 Prices do not include $5 studio fee